Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Almost a Perfect Weekend!

Psalm 113:3
From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD's name is to be praised.

Did you ever wonder...How could a weekend be more perfect? Last Saturday and Sunday was one of those weekends...blue sky, warm mornings, afternoons in the 80's, birds singing, fruit trees blooming, and bees buzzing.  We put on our garden gloves and hurried out the door!

This is just a snippet of our lovely, and busy weekend: Jeffery (Papa) tilled our garden space...we're so ready for fresh veges; we planted Jenna's curly willow that had been in a pot for 3 years (leftover from Jen & Chris' wedding decor); we planted a small shade tree for Barley; we bought trees in memory of Abbie and Pepper (our loyal doggies that have passed); Charlie, our resident squirrel, tried stealing birdseed from the bird feeder while hanging upside down; Jaymi & Jeff brought over a plate of cinnamon and raisin cookies,  Ky and Papa had "alone-time" building a small wooden airplane; and our generous neighbor dropped off two dozen eggs from his range fed chickens.

Kyle's Plane

Perfect...all except for one minor incident.  Jeff and I decided to burn the branches that had piled up after pruning our fruit trees. The branches were dry, and so the fire took off hot & fast. At first the air was still...no wind...and then out of nowhere several huge gusts of wind fueled the flames. Have you seen pictures of solar flares arching and jumping off the surface of the sun? Well, that's what it looked like! Big pieces of flames started jumping out of the burning branches, and over to a weeping willow that had just recently sent out new spring leaves. The willow is a few years old, and so it was just the right size to catch those "fireballs." Needless to say, half of the tree was singed...brown...no green leaves remained on those weeping branches. My daughter, Jaymi, said, "It doesn't look that bad. It'll grow back."  Yes, I know, but the way those flames were jumping, we are thankful that the whole tree, and more didn't get torched!  We will move the burn pile.

It was an almost perfect weekend!

                        Always Blessings,


  1. Almost perfect is still pretty great! :-)

  2. "It doesn't look that bad" ... a sweet & encouraging daughter!