Saturday, March 31, 2012

Backyard Memories

Basketball at the Cabin

Our "backyard" has become more than just a place for trees and grass to grow, or for birds to build nests.  It has become a place where precious memories have been made, and will continue to be made for many years to come. We share our thoughts and our dreams there. We wonder at God's creations, from Monarchs landing on a  butterfly bush to a little frog hiding in the lavender.  Family and friends have gathered there. The "snapshots in time," wacky videos, and pictures in my mind will never be erased. 

               Never Forget the...

                         Thoughtful Spot

                              Our Backyard Woods
                              The Christmas Tree that Lost its Needles
                              Bicycles on Christmas Morning
                              Redwood Trees & Rhododendrons

                          Flying Kites in the Meadow

                              Basketball, Soccer, & Horseshoe Games
                              Red Wagons and Sword Fights
                              Easter Sunday Suppers
                              Baskets Filled with Colored Eggs


                              Birthday Parties: One to 93
                              Graduations: Kindergarten, High School and College!!!
                              Weddings & Bouquets          
                              Music and Dancing to Our Favorite Songs


                              Ernie & Bob (Our Dads, Grandpas, & Great Grandpas)
                              Bandi, Pepper, Abbie, Niko, Money, and Oshka
                                            (Our sweet and loyal dogs)
                              Murphy, Gizzie, Shasha, Chessie and Rocky
                                            (Our precious kitties that made us laugh)
                                 Tears, Laughter...Healing


                              Hummingbirds & Honeybees
                              Roses and Mint
                              Gardens of Berries, Zucchinis, and Tomatoes
                              And Skunks...God's "Scents" of Humor
                                                                   by Lin Silveira-Hess




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